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Wedding Dress Shopping Tips!

Today on the blog, we thought we'd share some of our tips which we hope you'll find helpful when you are starting the search for your dream wedding dress! It's a first for everyone and particularly if you have no idea what to expect or any body hang-ups, it can be a little nerve wrecking. But we are here to help, as we always tell our brides, your job is to relax and enjoy it and our job is to help you find the most perfect wedding dress! And we love our job, so we promise you are in very good hands!

Wedding Dress Shopping

Firstly Research! Whether you are the super organised bride to be or more chilled out, research has never been easier. It's easy to become overwhelmed by the endless options so having a little research done before you start shopping will all help make your experience more pleasurable and help you on the journey towards finding your dream dress! Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram are brilliant for discovering gorgeous wedding gowns and beautiful bridal boutiques. We suggest you screenshot your favourite dresses, this all helps us get a feel for your style, we'll discuss this more later. Note what the favourite dresses and designers are that you like and check out where stocks them in your locality. I'd also recommend checking out the social media and website of any boutiques locally and seeing if you see style you'd like to try on.


Bring your photos along to your appointments and begin with showing these to your stylist. Remember a picture paints 1000 words. We love it when a bride has screenshots of some dresses she has seen on our social media and website plus also all her screenshots of styles she has seen on pinterest, this helps us get a feel for your style and personality. And, it's amazing how you may feel they are all so different but we may be able to identify similarities for example they may all be lace, or low back or very detailed.


We also suggest you take a look at your wedding budget and think about what you'd like to spend on your gown. I'd also suggest checking the price range of the brands you wish to try on and boutiques you wish to visit to get an idea if you'd be comfortable with the price tags. Some brides don't have a strict budget but we do suggest you let us know if you have an upper limit, we won't restrict you and you can try everything on but we'll avoid picking dresses that break your heart if it's double what you were hoping to spend. (We don't like breaking any hearts here!)

When To Go

Believe it or not, gowns can take anywhere from 4-10 months to be made! Factor in shipping times, alterations and multiple fittings – in the end, your gown could take up to 12 months to be ready. We've lots more helpful advice on this topic in our 'When to start shopping for your wedding dress' Blog Post.

Who to Bring

Unsure who to bring with you? We recommend you bring anyone who's opinion you'd need before you'd say yes to the dress when you've found one you love. Would you like your mum/ sister/best friend to see if before you commit? If so, I'd be sure to bring them along. From our experience, less is more when it comes to this and sometimes too many opinions can be confusing. Remember you can always bring them back to a fitting or accessories appointment later so they are still included, this is often is a lovely appointment as your big decision is made, can just relax and enjoy it then!

Finally, choose guests who know you well, your style and who will want to make this day all about helping you find your dream dress!

What To Wear

We suggest nude colored panties, and not to worry about the bra (unless you have an issue with support or want to be comfortable) aka go braless. A lot of styles now have plunging necklines, low backs or sheer back detail and often the wedding dresses have the support built in for this.

You can bring along heels at the height you think you will wear on your wedding day. Make sure they are comfy though, as you'll be doing lots of standing and parading! We have sample shoes in the boutique fitting rooms also which are super comfy so don't worry too much about this.

Forget about Sizing

Wedding dress sizes are vastly different than high street sizes (what you wear on a day-to-day basis) so don’t get worry too much about wedding dress sizes. The samples rarely fit anyone perfectly but we have all the tools to pin you in and corset you up so you can get a good picture of the gown. Everyone needs alterations for the dress to fit perfectly, so your wedding dress you buy will be taken in and tailored to fit your body perfectly. If you have any specific concerns about sizing, for example if you are particularly petite or are a curvy bride, don't be afraid to call the boutique in advance who will be able to advise of the sizes they stock and how to go about looking at these styles.

Be Open to Trying on Different Styles

It’s really helpful to know what you like, to narrow the gowns you first try on at your dress appointment. But don’t be afraid to try on something totally out of the box if your bridal consultant suggests it. For example, many of our brides don't have a coloured dress in mind but when they try them on they often fall in love with them. So don't be afraid to try different shapes and colours!

Do You Love It?

It’s true, your bride tribe knows you best. But no one can really know if you love it, only you!

Block out all the noise and listen to your gut. If you know deep down you don’t love something, it’s not your gown, no matter how “pretty” your bride tribe says you look. And if you, in your heart, know this is the dress for you, go for it! You’re the one who’s going to be wearing the gown, you make the ultimate choice, what is always most important is that you love it, nothing else!

Last but not least...Enjoy!

This is a really special part of your wedding memories. Make sure if you have any concerns or worries, let us know and we can help! Our job is to make it a special experience at Pearls and Lace! Keep an eye out also for our special events coming up, these really make wedding dress shopping a day to remember. New for January 2019 is our Say Yes Experience and Frose Fridays, check out our social media for more details or contact us.

Happy Shopping!

Carole x

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