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When should you start shopping for your wedding dress?

Hello Lovelies!

'When should you start shopping for your wedding dress'?

This is one of the most common questions we get asked by new brides to be so we thought we’d do a little blog piece on it to help with some advice on when we think you should go shopping for your wedding dress.

We think the one year mark is most ideal when going shopping for your wedding dress and this is for a number reasons.

Firstly, some brands of dresses can take up to eight months to arrive in store. Remember you will need to leave plenty of time for alterations before your wedding on top of this so shopping a year in advance allows you to have plenty of time for alterations and doesn’t limit your options from brands you can look at. Most of the wedding dress brands we stock take considerably less than this to arrive in, but shopping at the year mark ensures you have full choice. It also means you can have time to think about the dress if you feel you need to without feeling under pressure timewise.

Secondly, the collection for the following year will be in the boutiques at this stage. In fact as we write this, our spring/ summer 2018 collections are beginning to arrive instore. (Super exciting!) Although there isn’t a considerable difference between seasons for wedding dresses, the new collections will have updated and emerging trends.

Thirdly, I personally believe its a little easier shopping for your wedding dress in the same season as you are getting married. For example, if you are getting married in July, it’s more difficult to imagine your summer wedding if you are in the boutique on a dark December evening with snow outside. This is important for how you feel in your dress on the day also- does it feel too warm/ will you need a cover up and lots of other considerations.

But my most important piece of advice I offer brides when I get asked this questions is- when is best for you?! All brides are different and go with your gut feeling about what is right for you. Some brides are super organised and like to get their dress sorted as early as possible as they will stress about this closer to the time. The sooner you pick your wedding dress, the sooner it is in store and the more organised everything can be takes the stress out of those final weeks, reassured everything is perfect with your gown. We have brides that chose their gown 2 years in advance for this reason.

Other brides worry about committing to a dress too early and are worried they will see something else in the meantime. This is fine too, just remember though that gowns can be discontinued or the sample can be sold off so if you love a dress, be sure to keep in touch with the boutique. You will know which will be best for you- if you’d like to have it picked so you aren’t stressing about it or if you’d like more time to ensure you’ve seen everything before deciding.

Finally, my last piece of advice is if you haven’t been shopping before, I personally wouldn’t recommend going to a sample sale first. Your first shopping experience should be special and sample sale days can be a little hectic with you feeling pressured to make a decision. There also isn’t the usual consultation you can expect in a bridal appointment that will help you assess the different styles you like. Having done at least one normal bridal appointment before attending a sample sale will mean you will know you’ve tried lots of shapes and styles and are making the right decision.

Hope this helps!

Carole xx

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