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2018 Bridesmaids Trends

Each seasons brings about much more versatility for bridesmaid’s styles than before. Brides are increasingly looking for something different for their bridal party and to help distinguish their wedding party. At the moment, really anything goes for bridesmaids from white jumpsuits to full lace gowns, we’ve picked the most popular trends we see coming forward for 2018 weddings.


Brides and Bridesmaids are definitely getting more adventurous when it comes to bridesmaids dresses and are looking for a lot more details than the classic chiffon bridesmaids’ dress. Our True Bride collection is very popular at the moment as it offers a stunning collection of gowns with added details such as cowl backs, beading, embellishment and sequins. These dresses are available in up to ninety different shades so there’s lots of options for each bridal party to change the look. Lots of the designs also feature a cap sleeve which offers a little more coverage so is ideal for winter bridesmaids as it doesn’t need any of the traditional winter cover ups such as fur stoles. These dresses are simply stunning when teamed with a simple, elegant wedding gown as the contrast really makes the bride stand out!

2017 Bridesmaids Trends True Bridesmaids

Mix N Match

Mix n Match bridesmaids have become so popular over the last few seasons, particularly the idea of bridesmaids wearing different styles in the same shade. We’re a huge fan of this approach to bridesmaids as it ensures each girl has a style of gown that suits them and they feel comfortable with, while still matching the overall theme of the day. Brides are getting more adventurous though and next season, we will see a lot more bridal parties with both different styles and colours of gowns. To get the look right, we recommend sticking within a colour palette so the dresses are similar shades or tones. For example -match berry tones together or soft blushes with rose gold tones.

2017 Bridesmaids Trends- True Bridesmaids and Sorella Vita


The separates trend is a biggie in bridal fashion and it’s no surprise that it’s filtered into the bridesmaid realm too. With great flexibility for fit, colour and style, we’re a huge fan of this trend. Lending itself perfectly to the mix n’ match concept, the two piece approach is also great for colour blocking and allows easier fitting for a range of body types. Bridesmaids in separates is probably the biggest bridesmaid trends we’ll see emerging and developing next year.

2017 Bridesmaids Trends- Dessy Bridesmaids Seperates

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