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Trend Alert! Unplugged Weddings!

A unplugged wedding is the new and upcoming trend bride & grooms are loving, while we are living in a new generation of social media we all are guilty of having our phones in our hands the majority of the time. With a big event like a wedding, this is the biggest insta worthy snaps your guests will be diein for!

Your wedding will fly in and if you are on your phone you’ll miss out on what’s really important. It’s the day where you must put the phone down and enjoy the moments with your guest that have come to share the day with you instead of updating your social media accounts! (Snapchat we are talking about you! lol) If you really must, you could assign one of your bridesmaids to do the snaps for you, but I personality think this should be left to the photographer who you are paying for, the last thing you need is for someone to be getting in the way of the photographer with their smartphone (Which will just get bad quality photos comparted to the expensive camera your photographer will have) you hired a photographer for a reason after all.

To spread the word about your unplugged ceremony, start by telling your family & close friends about it, with that done then you could add a note to your invites with something like , "We invite you to be fully present with us at the ceremony and ask that you refrain from taking photos." You could also have a sign up before the ceremony if your worried. As long as you're polite about it, your guests will respect your decision!

Happy Planning!

Edel xx

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