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4 Ways To Make Your Wedding Reception More Fun!

1. Food Trucks

People love options and people LOVE good food. Hire a food truck to set up shop outside of your venue and watch guests go crazy over the late night snacks. This will instantly refuel your friends and family and prompt a ton of foodie Instagram pics. I was recently at a wedding and they had an ice cream truck outside ready for when we came out of the chapel on the hot summers day, it was a great idea! Yum!

Pearls and lace

2. Confetti Drop

I can guarantee the only person who won’t like a confetti drop at your wedding is the one who’s cleaning it up. Confetti is like magical paper: the cost is relatively low and it has an enchanting effect. You can also use fresh flower petals or balloons, whichever you prefer.

pearls and lace

3. Invest In Props

Oversized sunglasses, feather boas and blow up instruments are inherently fun, but when combined with a few pints, these props are even better. They’re also great for kids in attendance!

pearls and lace

4. A Wedding Photo Scavenger Hunt

Some fun for the reception and plus you get to see your big day through your guests eyes!

Get your guests to post photos of the following on Instagram/twitter/facebook

#ByrneWedding (create your own wedding hashtag)






6.You and someone else

7. Photobomb

pearls and lace

Happy Planning!

Edel xx

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