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How to save you wedding bouquet after the big day

A wedding bouquet is one of the most iconic parts of any wedding; a bride does not look complete without two things: a man on her side and a bouquet in her hands. But as the wedding planning is coming to an end, many brides realize that they put all this time and money into finding the perfect flowers only to have the flowers die within days of the wedding. Some brides wonder what they should do with their bouquets and if they will even regret tossing them out.

Because many brides become sentimental about their bouquets, even when they think they wouldn’t, we recommend holding on to them or doing something meaningful with them. If you have a loved one who has passed away, what would be a better way to honor them on your special day than by putting the flowers on their grave.

Figuring out how to preserve your wedding bouquet does not have to be too difficult. Generally, there are three ways that it can be done.

  • Hang the bouquet to dry. Hang your bouquet in a safe area, upside down for several weeks or months and they will dry nicely. You can then store them in a bouquet preservation box.

  • Press them. This is fairly easy, costs little, takes a little bit of time, and can be done by yourself. It is also a great way to make personalized art or stationary. This process can take two to three months.

  • Use Silica gel. Don’t be deceived; silica gel is actually more like a sand that is found at large craft stores. You put the flowers in a container that is large enough to bury the flowers. After a few weeks, remove the flowers and dust off the powdery residue. This is perfect for sturdier flowers like peonies, roses, and zinnias. Plan on the flower getting a few shades darker. This process takes about two months.

The hardest part about preserving your wedding bouquet is that it needs to start when they are fresh, which means that most brides are on their honeymoons. We recommend asking a trusted bridesmaid a few weeks before the wedding if they would get it started for you. Make sure that you discuss the process enough that they feel confident enough to do it. Also, if you are getting them professionally preserved, make sure you have contacted the company and have made a reservation about a month before the wedding. If it needs to be delivered, it is best that it is in a cool container.

Another option is to save the petals from your bouquet, a cork from the wine. Write the date of your wedding on the ornament, perfect way to perserve these and to hang on your tree every year.

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