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Trend Alert! Video-Booths!

In all the recent years photobooths have become very popular at wedding receptions. i mean why wouldnt they be? they are soi much fun and its a good laugh for everyone at any age. also the photos you get are priceless!

Your guests can take and print out as many photos as they like. There’s truly no limit. You will also receive digital copies of every picture taken at your wedding.(this may depend on the company but the majority of them offer this)

pearls and lace

But now a new booth has made its way in to the wedding trends, move over your photobooth because a videobooth is the next generation of wedding reception entertainment!! I Mean what coud be better?!

A VideoBooth is a fun, fuss-free way to video record guests sending you their well wishes on the wedding day. It’s an interactive new twist on the traditional photobooth.Think of it as modern day guestbook + video memento. It’s the first ever video message kit in a box allowing wedding attendees the ability to record a message to the couple on their wedding day, making it easier for camera-shy folks to feel comfortable.Capture the excitement as it happens at your wedding with the Video Messaging.

pearls and lace

pearls and lace

We at pearls and lace have photobooth/videobooth props available to purchase in our online shop or pop into the shop!

whats your thoughts? willl you be joining the trend??

Edel xx

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