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Travel Inspired Wedding

Some couples love trying new things and venturing to new places. What more perfect way to have a wedding for such globetrotting couple than a travel inspired wedding? Not only does it give you a unique wedding, take us on our words, it will be a memorable one too.

Pearls and Lace

Give your guests a little sneak peek of your wedding by creating a thematic invatations. Stay in theme with your invitations. It’s a great idea to use visuals from a map and use them on your invitations like this one here.

Pearls and Lace

Instead of using a regular guest book, have your guests sign a globe. Not only does it go well with the overall look and feel, it’ll make a great addition to your house or apartment to remember the day by.

Pearls and Lace

Go all out with a paper bouquet like this one. Not just ordinary paper though. Have strips from a vintage map as material for your bouquet down the aisle. You can easily keep it afterwards too.

Pearls and Lace

How gorgeous is this cake?! Such a unique design it is a very cute alternative to replace your traditional cakes. Sweet, edible and thematic as well.

Pearls and Lace

This one is also a great idea for you to try. Being the adventurous couple that you are, ask your guests to suggest a honeymoon spot that’s very unlikely or perhaps, off the map?

Pearls and Lace

A fun one this one is; style your centerpieces according to their country name. This will create distinctive feel for all the tables and you get to be creative with each one.

so whats your thoughts ladies?:)

Edel xx

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