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Wedding Flower Inspiration!

Wedding flowers by the season:

Spring (March-may)

Pink flowers are a symbol of young love and happiness. Allium, lilies and orchids represent spring and new growth in nature. Peony, wax flower, sunflower, hyacinth etc.

Pearls and Lace

Summer (June-August)

Purple flowers symbolise balance and loyalty and look visually striking in any flower arrangement . Sweet pea, larkspur, anemone, peony etc.

Pearls and Lace

Autumn (September – November)

Orange flowers are a symbol of energy and confidence, ranging from delicate pale shades to vibrant hues. Roses, marigold, dahlia etc.

Pearls and Lace

Winter ( December-February)

Blue flowers are associated with serenity and calm. Blue flowers can vary from pale baby blue to deep midnight shades. Heather, tuberose, anemone, wax flower etc.

Pearls and Lace

Alternative option

Brooch bouquets

A bouquet that does not require water. It is made up of jewellery, flowers or fabric flowers for an unconventional and elegant look. A brooch bouquet is a stylish choice for a wedding bouquet. It’s a little piece from your big day that will be cherished forever, a timeless piece.

Pearls and Lace

Happy Friday ladies :)

Edel xx

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