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How to look ‘Picture Perfect’ EVERYTIME!

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Ever wondered why you look ghostly white in your pictures from a night on the tiles, or how the celebs always seem to look picture perfect, even in selfies? Well here are some tips on how makeup can help you look your most fabulous picturesque self for professional photographs or even your own camera phone.

The Importance of Natural Light: If possible, try to apply your makeup in natural light! Lighting is important to the outcome of the colour, especially foundation or HD powder application. Any dark lighting, yellowed light, such as bathroom mirror lights can sometimes totally throw the look you’re creating – you’ll leave the room thinking you look fantastic but it may look heavy handed or even too light in picture form once a flash hits you as you’ll see above!

Prime: Priming is a must for a durable makeup and I wouldn’t be without it on all clients. It will not only even out your skin but foundation will apply smoothly and flawlessly for gorgeous skin in pictures. Top Product – MAC Prep & Prime Skin Base Visage

Foundation: Opt for products with very little (10-15) or no SPF if possible – most brands, for marketing reasons now have an SPF which is fabulous for everyday use when out and about – not so much for your big occasion with lots of pictures! Products with a high SPF will give a whitened flash back face effect in pictures. Top Products – I love MAC’s Face & Body which is fluid and dewy, yet buildable and can be mattified with powder. For those who love their coverage, Estee Lauder, Double Wear Maximum Cover!

Powder: Steer clear of shimmery powders or bronzers – these will look dramatically more shimmery and can even create an oily complexion in photographs. If you tend to shine, or are of an oily skin type and you require powder, stick with a small amount of translucent matte powder, or my favourite, yellow tinted banana powder from Ben Nye. White translucent powders can make you look washed out if you apply too much, hence yellow powder will seal and mattify makeup, without that white ghostly glow we’ve all seen in pictures! Top Product – Ben Nye Banana Powder

Under Eye Concealer: Under eye concealer is a must – Anyone who knows me knows I rant about this stuff as I have dark circles and its just simply the best for coverage wit a light feel! I love MAC’s Pro-Longwear concealer – a little goes a long way and this product is extremely durable. Bending is the key here as you don’t want this to sit in fine lines or look too heavy and white in your pictures! Top Product MAC Pro-Longwear concealer

Shadow: I tend to use matte colours, or colours that aren’t overly shimmery – Avoid products with lots of reflective particles when being photographed as these will highlight and bounce back with camera flash deflecting from your gorgeous self! You can buy a fabulous range of matte shadows from Inglot – you can pick as many as you like with their Freedom System and choose the colours that suit you best…

Avoid All Over Pastels: Pastel colours are gorgeous to open the eyes, and for lots of bridal looks. However, all over pastels on the eyes can make them look washed out and tired, especially on green eyes. Combine with smouldering hues of darker colours or a smouldering liner to open and create a bright pop of colour!

Brighten Eyes:To bring out the white of the eyes, thus showcasing the colour of your eyes, I like to rim the water line of the eyes with a nude pencil. White pencil can look harsh and unflattering in photographs whereas nude brightens without being obvious. Also, pop a little light shimmer in the inner corners of each eye to make your eye’s pop! The addition of a few eye drops help take away any blood shoot eyes if you’re tired also!

Mascara & Liner: For focus and contrast in pictures opt for black mascara and liner – for more mature eyes, a dark brown in liner and mascara – as anything lighter won’t cut it to make your eyes stand out in pictures! Top Mascara – Lancôme Grandiose & Liner MAC Black track or Dipdown

Lashes: I find for special occasions, it’s a beautiful addition to pop on a few individual lashes. Not necessarily for length, as that can look false, but for volume. If you prefer strip lashes, then go for it!

Brows: Don’t forget your brows! Simply fill in any gaps with some powder in a lighter shade to your brows, or a little pencil. If you love a more sculpted brow, Benefit have a fabulous brow kit which is a bit of a cult product at this stage – Top Product Benefit BROW zings.

Blush: Blush is a must to add depth, subtle definition and life to the face. If you’re not sure about blush, just remember less is more, as you can add more then to your taste. Top Blush – MAC Cream Blush Pose or NARS Powder Blush in Orgasm

Lips: Firstly, if your lips are dry, then exfoliate with a warm moist face cloth so you don’t split your lips, and apply balm to soften then. I love Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour balm for the lips! Lip pencil is a must for me, and to make your lips look healthy, framed and full, I always lightly line the lips with a colour appropriate to the look we’re creating. Not only that but it prevents your lipstick bleeding – apply a lipstick and/or gloss thereafter. I tend to stick with moisturising lipsticks rather than gloss as you still have a beautiful moisturised lip without that glaring gloss that will flash back in pictures. Top Lip Products – Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour balm – Lipstick at the moment – MAC Angel or Pure Zen and Liner, MAC Soar or Stripdown.

Contour: For soft contouring use powders – you can use matte bronzer a shade or two darker than your natural colour to add depth – brush on under your cheekbones, under your chin, along either side of your nose, and the outer corners of your forehead and make sure to bend really well. Apply a lighter colour on the areas where light hits eg the top of your checks, centre of your forehead, your cupid’s bow, and the bridge of your nose. Being an MUA, I love working with cream contours, and you work in the exact same manner as powders, but make sure to bend even more! No streaks! Top Product – Crown Brush Contouring kit.

Highlight: So far almost all tips on having fabulous photographic makeup are to steer towards a more matte look. To add a little freshness I do like to add a little highlight to certain areas. A soft addition of highlight will give a subtle dimension to the face. Top Product – I use NARS Copacabana Illuminator – apply lightly to the tops of the cheek bones, cupids bow and along the nose if you wish for a youthful glow.

Added Tips:

A good skin care routine is a must – cleanse, tone and moisturise and exfoliate once or twice a week! With a good base, makeup sits flawlessly and photographs beautifully! Yes, we all get blemishes so don’t worry about those too much, as that can’t always be helped, but with things like dry skin, makeup will sit and cake and only highlight the dry patches! Get exfoliating and moisturising girls – Summer times around the corner!

Always check your teeth for lipstick traces – white teeth look stunning in pictures as they not only give you a bright smile but compliment the whites of the eyes which in turn make your eye colour stand out and give you a healthy overall appearance! Plus white teeth are just good to look at!

Tan – always remember to exfoliate before tanning and to prolong a nice tan, moisturise!Apply some to your face also, as white faces, no matter how well matched with foundation to brown necks, will flash back an undertone of white once the camera flash hits you! It’s not Halloween – we don’t need to see ghostly apparitions this time of year!

Set your makeup! When you’ve spent ages on your hair you tend to set it so it doesn’t all unravel later in the evening, so why not set your makeup? You can set with powder as we spoke of, but I love using MAC’s Prep & Prime Fix+ – you can use this before foundation to add moisture to the skin, or after to set. Not only that it gives your skin a lovely burst of freshness and life and smells amazing too!

Kerry xx

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