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Trend Alert! Signature Wedding Cocktails

Rainbow Infused wedding Cocktails

Colorful Daytime Cocktails For daytime weddings, opt for cocktails with light, bright citrusy flavors. We're thinking a riff on a tequila sunrise is sure to lure guests to the bar.

Whimsical Garnishes

If guests are having to wait a while before they eat, then make a cocktail that is heavy on the garnishes. Load it up with skewers of fruit for a cocktail like the piña colada (or veggies if it's a Bloody Mary). Then play it up with a colorful straw and a customized stir stick. These wedding cocktails have cartoon images of the bride or groom along with their names and the date of the wedding.

Retro Throwback

If you're planning a themed wedding (the '50s, for example), then revive a cocktail recipe from that era. It's the fastest way to set the mood and send your guests back in time.

Mix up somthing special using fruit juices that match your colour scheme for the perfect cocktail. Have a look at this little beauty perfect for any purple and lavender wedding as its signature drink!!

Milk & Cookies

Not forgetting about the childern at your reception, this is such a cute idea for them during cocktail hour or why not have them for their toasts? Yummy!

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