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How Michelle keegan Was Preparing For Her Wedding


Starting off by drinking more water to flush the toxins out of the skin and starting taking vitamins, coming closer to the wedding she started to get facials, worrying In case she breaks out in spots she has a few basic rules to abide by, taking off your makeup every night no matter what and moisturise day and night.

pearls and lace


She goes to the gym three to four times a week. By doing weight resistance training and squats with weights this strengthens and tones. “I never really do cardio as that's when I loose weight and a bit of body mass and I end up looking too skinny.”

pearls and lace


To keep those pearly whites In order she got her teeth whitened professionally a 2 weeks before her big day. “ I'll get my teeth whitened a few weeks before as they can become sensitive. Even drinking water in painful.”


” I have LVL enhance, which is like a perm for your eyelashes and lasts around three months.It adds length, volume and lift to natural eyelashes without adhesive or mascara.”

pearls and lace


”I love kerastase hair masks and I add Kevin Murphy powder puff to add oomph to my roots” keeping your hair healthy is one of Michelle's top tips.


”I get gelish nails so that I don't have to worry about chipping” pastels are perfect for your big day!

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