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Get Inspired!: Colour Is Back!

pearls and lace

Rainbows symbolize good fourtune, happiness and hope. So its no suprise that this palette has become a popular way to add bright, festive touch to weddings.

But pulling off a stylish (not cheesy ) wedding that reflects the colour spectrum can be tricky. I suggest you keep it casual, crafty and playful (Avoiding tie-die at all costs!)

A rainbow wedding won't work in just any venue—we suggest choosing an outdoor setting or a raw space, like a barn or a loft, which will help you avoid running into any existing (potentially clashing) decor.

A humble buttercream-frosted cake that reveals brightly colored layers once you slice into it is a must!

For a more subtle approach, put your bridesmaids in neutral-colored dresses (think black, cream, gray), and have them each accessorize with a different color of the rainbow.

A simple way to add colour to your wedding reception is to add colourful paper lanterns, they brighten up the room and are also cost friendly :) (A ballon wall would also look amazing!)

I am loving this bouquet for a pop of colour, simple but still making a statement! Or why not go for a brooch bouquet for an amazing statement piece! To see more brooch bouquets or to order your own they are available in store, or online at Pearls and Lace! :)

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