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Get Inspired: 5 Unconventional Bouquets

BuWhat will you have to hold on that big wedding day? here is a few ideas for you brides out there who want to have a unconventional bouquet.

pearls and lace

1. Butterfly: This is such a delightfully whimsical bouquet. Perfect for a spring wedding, guests are sure to be buzzing over this bundle of butterflies.

pearls and lace

2. Sea Shell: Getting married on the seashore? Take a romantic walk along the beach with your groom and collect some shells along the way to create your bouquet.

pearls and lace

3. Origami: They say one thousand origami cranes are lucky, i think one thousand origami flowers are too.

pearls and lace

4. Bulb: Make your winter wedding sparkle with a pairing of shiny christmas bulbs. A stunning take on a floral bouquet.

pearls and lace

5. Brooch Bouquet: For a elegant, bespoke alternative to a traditional bouquet. Hand-Crafted brooch bouquets are available to order instore or online at .

Edel xx

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