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Get Inspired! Temporary Tattoos: A Quirky Wedding Favour

tattoo station.jpg

Temporary Tattoos has become a fun quirky wedding favour for guest and the bridal party. There are a few different ways you can incorporate these temp tattoos into your wedding favours and/or wedding reception.

First get choosing what kind of tattoos to design, there is loads of options with this. Also you need to decide sizing, colour etc. this can be a fun activity for the bride and groom. Will you decide something that has sentimental meaning to the both of you or a little fun quirky design. There is some great websites out there for designing your temporary tattoos.

Perfect Bridal party design :


These will also make fun little Wedding favours for all of your guests:

temp tattos favours.jpg

You can be as creative as you want, people will remeber these little favours for sure:

temp tat.jpg

Opted for a fairy tattoo on your ankle after a few glasses of champagne? No regrets.

Edel xx

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