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Trend Alert: Trash The Dress!

“Trash the dress” is a very popular trend among brides nowadays. It’s a style of photography that contrasts the elegant look of a wedding dress with an environment in which is out of place. Such photography takes place on a beach but other locations can include city streets, rooftops, fields and abandoned buildings.

Some people claim this trend started in 2001 with wedding photographer John Michael Cooper, however this idea of destroying a wedding dress has been used in Hollywood since at least 1998 when Meg Cummings of the show Sunset Beach ran into the ocean in her wedding dress after her wedding was interrupted.

Wedding dresses are no longer destined to sit forgotten in a wardrobe after the special day. A lot of brides are interested in trash the dress shoots but when it comes to their own wedding dress they have a fear of actually doing it. But most brides have these wedding dresses and put them into their wardrobe and never look at them again. This is a way to have beautiful lasting images of your wedding dress. It’s a way to have fun with your wedding dress after your special day in the sand or water.

If you’re planning a trash the dress photoshoot i have gathered some images below to get you inspired for your own photos. Enjoy!

Go for a walk along the beach at dusk and drag your feat through the sand. The sound of the waves and the calm of the beach will sooth you both after the stress of pulling off a wedding. Dash into the waves or build a sand castle, then head to the boardwalk for a final romantic photo.

pearls and lace

What would a wedding countdown be without some champagne? Indulge in some leftover bottles and spray each other with the bubbly. Make sure you have plenty of light to catch all the bubbles as they shoot up into the sky.

pearls and lace

Powdered paint, commonly used during Holi and other religious celebrations, is a bright and unique way to ruin your clothes. Just gather up the powder in as many colors as you like, and throw it at each other until you’re both a messy collage. The pictures will be stunning and you’ll have a blast.

pearls and lace

Sure, your wedding is all about you and your love. But a dress trashing is a great way to let your furry friends in on the fun. All those dirty paws and little wet noses will make a mess of your wedding dress, but we’ll bet you’ll have a great time in the process. Just make sure you don’t get nibbled on!

pearls and lace

Take that ivory wedding dress for a roll in the dirt. Nope, im not joking. When you can finally let go and destroy your wedding dress, you might as well go all out. Just make sure you’re emotionally ready to never get the stains out, and to spend days afterward washing grit from of your hair.

pearls and lace

Will you risk your wedding dress for these incredible photos? I absoultly adore them!

Edel xx

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