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Trend Alert! "Bridesmaid Proposals"

You've got the ring on your finger ,what's next? Choosing which of your beloved friends and family members you want to stand up with you on the big day! As marriage proposals have grown more elaborate, it's not surprising that "bridesmaid proposals" have followed suit.

Being a bridesmaid can be a large time and financial commitment. We think it’s so important to show these girls how much they mean to you and how much you appreciate their willingness to help you.

Here, we've gathered some of our favorite ideas, from sentimental keepsakes to cheeky cards have a look below.

Put a Ring on it:

Ask your girls to help you tie the knot with this adorable bow ring.

pearls and lace

The Sweetest Way to Ask:

Hand out these sparkly cookies to your chosen ones at your engagement party.

pearls and lace

Say it With Wine:

A little bit of bribery can't hurt.

pearls and lace

What do you think ladies? will you be following this trend of "bridesmaid proposals"? we think its a cool quirky idea thats here to stay!:)

Edel xx

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