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Mix & Match Bridesmaids Dresses


When it came to choosing bridesmaids dresses traditionally it was all about being matchy-matchy. Same colour, same style, simple. But we all know that what suits one girl, doesn't necessarily suit the next. So finding matching dresses is a battle, you have to consider – body shapes, hair colour, skin tones, personal tastes. It all goes into the mix and becomes a headache for the bride. So why not mix and match? If you have a set colour scheme in mind then choose a palette of tones the same colour but different dresses.

Every colour has a variety of shades, blue for example has many gorgeous hues and shades to it, from lighter shades of periwinkle, power blue, baby blue to darker tones of munsell, Pantone and navy. Having the same shades of one colour will keep your bridesmaids in sync while still flattering each individual.

A trend that started among celebrity brides has now become popular with brides that want to add a little mixture to the style of their bridesmaids dresses. Not only can you add a little more style, colour and depth to your wedding palette, but choosing contrasting dresses is also a great way to cater for the different body shapes of your bridal party.

Here is a few tips below to help:

-No one hue unless you go for something like black, white or gold. Many brands have lots of styles in the same tone, so go for one of them as your choice of bridesmaids dresses.

-Don't be afraid to introduce patterns, Sequins, ruffle or lace for a really fashion forward take on the trend for your choice of bridesmaids dresses.

-If your going for an ombré look. Choose colours in the same spectrum, try to make sure the bridesmaids dresses are a full shade apart. If you choose dresses that are almost the same colour but no quite this might look odd in pictures.

Some inspiration for you ladies below!

Dusty Hues:


Mixed Metalics:


Pops Of Colour:


So ladies what do you think? will u be joining the trend setters and mix and match your bridesmaids dresses?:)

Edel xx

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