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3 ways to match your Bridesmaid Dresses to your Wedding Dress!

Choosing bridesmaids' dresses is one of the toughest decisions when pulling together your full wedding day look. In fact, we'd even go as far to say for many brides it can be a much harder decision than choosing their wedding dress! Bridesmaids will have their individual shapes and styles and it can sometimes be difficult to find a universal dress that you love, your girls will love and a dress that loves their body shapes and skin tones!

When going bridesmaid dress shopping, the first thing you need to be mindful of is your wedding dress, you want to choose a bridesmaids style that will not only complement your dress but enhances the beauty of your dress. You also need to be mindful of the theme of your wedding and ensure the dress style matches this. For example, chiffons are great for soft, romantic, flowy themes. More structured satins work fabulously for elegant, sophisticated, black tie themes!

Another big decision is the colour of the bridesmaids' dresses. Soft blush pinks are very on trend at the moment but unfortunately don't suit every skin tone so you need to be mindful of each of your bridesmaids and their colouring. Most brides have shared their colour ideas with maids before shopping so by the time you get to the dress shop- you're looking at colours that all your girls will be happy with. The mix n match bridesmaids' trend is huge at the moment and this can be a great way of achieving a happy medium with the bridesmaids all the same style dress in different, complementing shades.

So once you have your overall theme decided upon and a colour palette that everyone is happy with it's time to choose the perfect bridesmaids dress to match your wedding dress! Here's our top three tips to help coordinate their dresses with yours.

1. Choose a fabric that matches your Wedding Dress!

There are five main fabrics to choose from when shopping for bridesmaids dresses; Chiffon, Satin, Tulle, Nu-Georgette and Crepe. If your Wedding Dress is any of the above fabrics it is quite easy to match with the same type of fabric as your wedding dress. However, choosing a fabric for bridesmaids can be a little more difficult for very detailed gowns it's sometimes better to opt for a plainer, classic look for your bridesmaids to contrast. The fabric should however, match the flow of your dress- for example choosing a floaty chiffon to match a less structured wedding dress. We love this tulle bridesmaids dress from Dessy to complement our Essense of Australia Tulle Wedding Dress!

Essense Wedding Dress

6724 Royal.JPG

2. Choose a similar or complementing shape to your Wedding Dress!

We also suggest choosing a shape for your bridesmaids' dresses that will complement yours. For example if your dress is quite A-line, a similar shape for your girls will work really well. For example, this Dessy Bridesmaids Dress complements our La Sposa Eilinel wedding gown very well as the shape is similar but not as full as the brides own gown.


2936 Posie Back.JPG

3. Choose a similar or complementing Neckline to your Wedding Dress!

The neckline is also very important in choosing bridesmaids' dresses. We normally recommend you try to match the neckline of your bridesmaids dresses to your own dress also. For example, the above Dessy Bridesmaids' dress with high neck compliments the brides dress neckline really well also. Many brides will often opt for a sweetheart neckline for their bridesmaids if they are also wearing a sweetheart neckline. This works particularly well as the sweetheart neckline will be flattering on both those with smaller and larger busts, hopefully keeping all your bridesmaids happy with the choice!

5986_main_detail (1).jpg

2931 Jade.JPG

Hope you've enjoyed our Bridesmaid Dress Guide! For more of our 2015 bridesmaids styles click here or more blogs on bridesmaids including the latest trends for white bridesmaids!

Carole xx

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