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Veils: How to Choose and 2015 Trends!

Veils are on trend for 2015 and they're here to stay! Wedding Veils have been a beautiful tradition that have been incorporated by many cultures throughout the decades and remain a timeless element of a Bride's Wedding Day Look. There's lots of styles and options though, and choosing a veil is an important finishing touch to your dream wedding dress! From Traditional to Bohemian Bride and everywhere in between there is a veil to suit every girl!

There is three main elements to choosing your veil; firstly if it's single or double tier. Secondly- the fabric and thirdly, the length.

Single Tier & Double Tier Veils

For 2015 the single tier veil remains supreme and even those brides not keen on wearing a veil at all, can be swayed by the simplicity of the single tier veil. So what's the difference?!

Single tier veils have only one tier which traditionally flows from the back of the head. The most traditional veil is the double tier with one (normally shorter tier) covering the brides face as she walks up the aisle. The single tier remains away from the face and is a more understated look.

Our most popular veil at the moment is a single tier lace edge veil with beautiful soft tulle and fine lace hand sewn around the edge. This is a brilliant flowy veil and is a really beautiful soft look.

The birdcage veil is a great alternative look which consists of a head piece and smaller veil or mesh that covers only part of the brides face. This look is growing in popularity as it matches the current theme of Vintage Style weddings and is great for brides that don't like any fuss or hassle!

Kate Middleton wore a double tier, lace edge veil.

Kate Middleton Veil.jpg


Tulle veils are really on trend for 2015 especially the soft flowing single tier version, which complements the both the modern and bohemian bride. The classic Satin Edge and Rope edge will also be really popular with the more traditional bride and those opting for a simple wedding dress. And for the girls that like that little extra glamour, embroidery and embellishment will feature in 2015 also!

In general, if the wedding gown is quite heavily embellished brides might opt for a veil with more subtle detailing to maintain a balance.

In regards to colour: your veil should be the same colour as your wedding dress, so that is, Ivory Veils with Ivory gowns and so on. If your dress is darker than the traditional White or Ivory you should always go for a veil in a lighter tone than your dress. For example, we recommend an Ivory Veil to complement a Blush wedding gown.

Lace Edge, Single Tier, Chapel Length Veil pictured here with Essense D1688 Wedding Dress

Chapel Length Veil.jpg


Veils come in various lengths but the following are the most popular sizes:

36” Shoulder length Veil

54” Waist or elbow length Veil

72” Hip or Fingertip length Veil

108” Floor length Veil

126” Train or Chapel length Veil

144” Long Train or Cathedral length Veil

Long veils normally complement well any style of dress and often brides will opt for a veil that matches the length of the train. For example, if wearing a Floor Length gown with mini train, the floor length veil is perfect. Brides wearing a wedding dress with a longer Cathedral Length train may opt for the Cathedral length veil also to carry to the end of the skirt. Shorter veils can cut the silhouette which makes longer veils more popular however, if comfort and ease of moving is an important factor for the bride she may wish to go for the shorter veil. The best thing is to try various styles with your wedding dress to avoid any style clashes.

Single Tier, Soft Tulle, Floor Length Veil pictured here with Essense D1767 Wedding Dress

Soft Tulle Veil.jpg

When it comes to making the veil decision, we advise brides to think about the overall look they are hoping to achieve and normally how long they want to wear it. Many brides opt for a longer veil which is then replaced with a statement head piece later in the evening so they can move freely and dance when the celebrations really kick off later in the evening. Normally the veil is removed after the photos are taken and before the meal but it's really a personal decision and is quite dependant on length.

Our last piece of advice: don't be afraid to try lots of different style veils! At your accessories apppointment or first dress fitting we recommend trying lots of differents styles of both veils and head pieces to help you find the best for you! If you're a Pearls and Lace Bride, you'll have lots of time for this at your first dress fitting (how exciting!) or if you would like to come and see us for an accessories apppointment you can do so here!

Happy Veil Shopping!

Carole xx

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