Meet The Team


How did you pick your own dress? ‘‘I always tell brides when they ask me ‘how did you decide on your wedding dress’, that I am the worst possible example of how to make this decision’’! I actually had two wedding dresses. To be honest, they weren’t even that different. My main dress which I wore until after the first dance was actually the first dress we seen at the top of the stairs when I went dress shopping! I didn’t work in bridal at the time so you can imagine the difficultly I’d have picking now or how many dresses I’d have!’

Favourite memory in Pearls and Lace. ‘There really is so many to pick from but it’s probably getting the message from our first ever bride to get married after her wedding (8am the next morning to be exact) telling us how much she loved her dress, how her fiancé and guests loved it and how happy she was in it. That’s our ultimate goal always to help brides find a dress they love and it was so exciting and rewarding to hear!


How did you pick your own dress? ‘I had seen an Essense of Australia dress in a magazine and just instantly fell in love with it. Pearls and Lace wasn’t opened at the time so I googled where stocked Essense of Australia and went to try it…it was every bit as beautiful as I expected. I went to another store and tried some others but kept coming back to this one so I knew it was the dress for me. Essense is one of my favourite brands still and it’s I love helping other brides with their dresses’.

Favourite Memory working in Pearls and Lace. ‘I love helping girls find their wedding dress. I had a girl recently who came in whom I’d known since she was only young, it was so lovely to be part of experience, to help her work through dress styles and to find what she really loved. I love the feeling of excitement and happiness when a girl finds a dress which she absolutely loves, it’s the best part of the job!



How did you pick your own dress? ‘Funnily enough, I wasn’t even dress shopping. I was along with a friend who was looking at bridesmaids and I’d spotted a dress on a mannequin I loved….if I’m honest, I knew it was my dress even before I tried in on. It was everything I wanted.  Before we left I asked the lady if I could I try it, my wedding wasn’t for over two years. I put it on and that was it, it was my dress. I never tried any other dresses or went to any other shops and 10 years on I love it just as much as I did that first day. My advice to brides is always go with your gut….you’ll never regret it!’

Favourite Memory working in Pearls and Lace. ‘Brides can sometimes be very nervous coming dress shopping. Sometimes it’s because they have something they are conscious of, they are a little fuller figured than they’d like or for some, sadly even have had a poor experience elsewhere.  For me it’s so rewarding being able to help put them as ease and giving them a wonderful experience they never dreamed they have. I love when I can see she is really enjoying the experience, having fun trying dresses on and seeing her confidence grow as she tries styles on. When you find someone a dress they feel amazing in, a feeling they never thought they had, it’s the most amazing thing and I’d happily do this all day every day if I could!’




How did you pick your own dress? ‘I had seen a plain crepe Martina Liana dress in a magazine and loved it. Pearls and Lace wasn’t opened at the time so I ended up driving over 2 hours to try it on. It was my first shopping experience and once I started trying on, to my surprise I actually fell head over heels for a lace gown, even though this wasn’t originally what I thought I wanted. I always advise brides now to be open minded and don’t be afraid to try different styles of dresses’.

Favourite Memory working in Pearls and Lace. ‘My favourite part of the job is helping brides find their dream dress. The happiness on their face and excitement when they have found the gown is just so magical. I will always remember my first time experiencing this with a bride and it’s just as exciting with every bride since. We’re so lucky to be able to be part of their special day’.