5 Quick Tips For Planning Your Wedding

1.Send invitations on a Wednesday. Always plan to get your invites out on a Wednesday. This way, they arrive just in time for the weekend when people have a bit more free time and can RSVP right away. 2.Plan your RSVP window Give yourself a 3-4 week window as an RSVP deadline. This way, you have plenty of time to call/text your stragglers and get a firm number turned into your venue, caterer and florist. Giving all your wedding professionals time to look for better deals and to locate locally grown is a great way to get more bang for your buck and wow your guests! 3.A priorities list. At the beginning of your wedding planning set 1-3 priorities, these can be concrete items like I want all wh

How to save you wedding bouquet after the big day

A wedding bouquet is one of the most iconic parts of any wedding; a bride does not look complete without two things: a man on her side and a bouquet in her hands. But as the wedding planning is coming to an end, many brides realize that they put all this time and money into finding the perfect flowers only to have the flowers die within days of the wedding. Some brides wonder what they should do with their bouquets and if they will even regret tossing them out. Because many brides become sentimental about their bouquets, even when they think they wouldn’t, we recommend holding on to them or doing something meaningful with them. If you have a loved one who has passed away, what would be a bet

Say Yes To The Dress! Stella York 6177

Taking a page from the past, this ’50s-inspired wedding gown from Stella York features a fitted lace bodice, figure-flattering Diamante waist belt, and a whimsical tulle tea-length skirt. Dressed in spectacular lace and enchanting tulle, this Stella York short wedding dress is sure to highlight your personality and make you the centre of attention as you twirl and dance the night away with ease. Short dresses are coming back into the wedding dress trend scene, with 50s-inspired weddings becoming very popular this is the perfect dress if you are having this theme for your wedding. (also not to mention this dress has lots of personality!) Ever since this dress arrived into the shop, its been o